Altmer is a player character race in Dungeons & Draugr.


The Altmer (or High Elves, as they are also known) are a race of Mer that make their home on Summerset Isle, an island off the south western coast of Tamriel. Many races of Tamriel consider the Altmer to be quite beautiful due to their fair, golden skinned complexion and the dazzling gem like colors of their eyes; as such, the Altmer are welcome guests in most parts of Tamriel, save for the Black Marsh and Vvardenfell.  However, the combination of their fair appearance, long lives, propensity for magic and resemblance to the Old Elves of Tamriel tends to give Altmer an elevated sense of their own importance. This can sometimes impact diplomatic relations with the other races. The use of magic is heavily emphasized in Altmer society, given the latent magical gifts of the Altmer race. Those Altmer that rarely or never leave Summerset Isle are used to a culture in which Magic permeates every level of society. Unfortunately, the natural affinity of the Altmer race also leaves them vulnerable to magical attack; however, most choose to pay little heed to this drawback. Aside from their dependence on magic, Altmer also tend to place a high cultural value on living for as long as possible, often using magic to extend their longevity. Altmer born and raised on Summerset Isle tend to be haughty and more out of touch than those raised in other areas of Tamriel. 


Height: 6'5"

Racial Boosts

  • +10 Destruction
  • +5 Speech
  • +5 Illusion
  • +5 Conjuration
  • +5 Restoration
  • +5 Enchanting


Altmer have the following racial traits.

Disease Resistance (50%)

Characters with this trait have a 50% chance to resist diseases.

(Racial) Highborn (100%) 

High Elves are born with 100 extra magicka. 

(Racial) Mental Strength(In Development) 

Altmers have a much higher concentration than others, which grants them 50% Paralysis Resistance. 

Altmer Group Roles

The following Group Roles have the Argonian race as a prerequisite. Other prerequisites will be noted.

  • Spellcaster

Favored classes

  • Wizard
  • Mage