Characters using the Dungeons & Draugr Project will have eight attributes: Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Luck, Personality, Speed, Strength, and Willpower. A characters attributes determine the many things your character can do. You use attributes to make attacks, to deal damage, to explore your environment, to overcome obstacles and hazards, and to interact with other NPC's and Enemies. Unlike traditional Skyrim where you can just raise a shield and decimate a cave full of trolls, if you have low strength, then picking up a shield would be ineffective and would drain your stamina over time. Or another great example would be a character with low wisdom and intelligence spamming fire spells would be a huge waste of magicka and would probably get you killed. These are the things we are trying to bring into Skyrim. Below are the 6 major attributes that will govern your characters, health, magicka, and stamina, along with the many different skills.

Attributes Edit

Primary Attributes Edit

  • Agility Controls your chance to hit enemies, as well as to dodge their attacks. Also reduces your chance to get knocked down in combat.
  • Endurance Controls your starting and maximum Health, and your maximum Fatigue. Also slows down fatigue loss while running, and while fighting.
  • Intelligence Controls your maximum Magicka. 15% of your Intelligence attribute is the amount of magicka gained per hour of sleep.
  • Luck Helps everything you do in a small way.
  • Personality Controls how much people like you, and the prices you get at vendors.
  • Speed Controls your rate of movement when walking, running, swimming, or levitating.
  • Strength Controls the damage you cause with weapons, as well as how much you can carry. It also helps determine your maximum Fatigue and starting Health. Strength also factors into how your weapon durability degrades on each successful hit: Higher strength means higher weapon degradation.
  • Willpower Controls your odds of success at spellcasting and your chance to resist Magicka. It also determines your maximum Fatigue.

Derived Attributes Edit

  • Health Controls how much damage you can take before being killed.
  • Magicka Controls how much energy you have available for spellcasting.
  • Fatigue Controls how tired you are.
  • Encumbrance Controls how much you can carry.